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  • Smart Chopping and Strainer Bowl


    Quick and Easy Meal Preparation – Easily wash and chop your veggies in one convenient place. This gadget is designed to be a time-saver in the kitchen, making meal preparation quick and effortless.

    Multi-Functional Tool – Features seven unique blades that allow you to slice, grate, or shred your ingredients with ease.

    Safe and Easy to Use – Comes with a safe hand guard that prevents injury while using the blades. Additionally, the cutting cover is easily removable, making straining a snap!

    Space-Saving Design – With its handle, you can easily hang it with your other pots and pans, saving valuable cabinet space. Furthermore, the container allows you to store all seven blades until you need them again.

    High-Quality Materials – Made of high-quality, food-grade materials that are safe for use in the kitchen. Additionally, the gadget is dishwasher safe, making cleaning up a breeze.

  • Multi-Layered Automatic Bean Sprout Machine


    ✅ Made of food-grade PP material, this machine ensures that your sprouts are safe and free from harmful toxins.

    ✅ Sprouts any bean in just 24 hours with its advanced technology. Enjoy fresh and nutritious sprouts in no time!

    ✅ With 3 different modes for temperature adjustment, you can customize the sprouting process to suit your preferences and needs.

    ✅ Features a 360° sprinkler that ensures even sprouting, giving you a bountiful harvest every time.

    ✅ Comes with a three-layered compartment, providing ample space for your sprouts to grow and flourish.

  • Jet Water & Foam Blaster Gun


    ✅ 8 spray settings

    ✅ Sturdy and durable nozzle sprayer

    ✅ Reservoir for holding detergents

    ✅ Easily gets connected to your garden hose

    ✅ Perfect for watering plants or washing anything

  • Wood Book Lamp


    ✅ Transform any space into a literary wonderland with this cool book lamp, designed to illuminate your imagination.

    ✅ Compact and convenient, it measures 15 x 11cm (approx.), making them the perfect size for any space.

    ✅ It rotates 360 degrees, providing a warm and inviting glow from every angle.

    ✅ Never worry about replacing batteries again, it comes with a micro-charging USB cable for ultimate convenience.

    ✅ The warm-white light emitted by the lamp is both calming and soothing, creating a tranquil atmosphere in any room.

    ✅ Add a touch of literary charm to your home or office with this lamp, perfect for decorating a desk, table, bookcase, or bedside table.

    ✅ Made of durable materials and weighing in at ultra-lightweight, it is built to last and easy to transport.

  • Starry Sky Night Light Projector


    ✅ Made of excellent ABS + PC

    ✅ Comes with a 3-step dimming mode

    ✅ Requires DC5V voltage

    ✅ Power it with USB (included)

    ✅ (Or) power it with 3pcs AA battery (not included)

    ✅ Comes with sets of films

  • 3D Fire Breathing Dragon Night Lamp


    ✅ This 3D-printed dragon night lamp is made from high-quality PLA material, ensuring durability and safety for your family.

    ✅ Bring a magical 3D touch to your child’s room with this enchanting night lamp.

    ✅ Our dragon night lamp is easy to use and rechargeable, with a USB cable, included for your convenience.

    ✅ With a powerful 1000 mAh battery, this lamp will last all night long, providing a comforting glow for your child to sleep peacefully.

    ✅ Looking for the perfect gift to surprise your child? Then this is an excellent choice with its unique and imaginative features.

  • 720° Universal Splash Filter Faucet Aerator Adapter


    ✅ Made of copper & ABS material

    ✅ Compatible with almost all faucets

    ✅ Dual outlet mode

    ✅ Anti-drip & anti-splash

    ✅ 720° rotation

    ✅ Suitable for restaurant, laundry & backyard

  • Monk On The Moon Incense Holder


    ✅ Manufactured with fine ceramic

    ✅ Incense cone burns to give a replica of clouds

    ✅ Great for aromatherapy

    ✅ Also a pleasing accent piece for your room

    ✅ Absorbs negative energies and tensions

  • All-Round Egg-shaped Micro Airball 3D Cloud Pillow


    ✅ 3D ergonomic design

    ✅ Adjustable height

    ✅ Breathable & Hypoallergenic

    ✅ Machine washable

    ✅ Ideal for sore necks, headaches & migraines

  • Remote Controlled Bluetooth Music Starry Galaxy Projector Light


    Elevate Your Atmosphere – Create the perfect mood with versatile color and lighting display options to fit your needs.

    High-quality Sound – Enjoy superior sound quality with the built-in high-quality speakers.

    Control at Your Fingertips – Adjust volume, brightness, and lighting modes with ease using the convenient remote control and Bluetooth connectivity.

    Set it and Forget it – No need to get up, set the timer for your projector to turn off automatically.

    Power up Anywhere – Compatible with USB outlets for universal power supply, power up with power banks, laptops, and car chargers.

    Starry Night all the Time – Turn any room into a starry galaxy with this amazing projector light!

    Data Input: USB & memory card

    USB-powered starry projector light

    Remote control powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)

  • Touchless Automatic Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


    Hands-free Operation – Using infrared detection, it automatically dispenses soap or hand sanitizer

    ✅ Prevents Accidental Overuse – Has a 2-second delay before dispensing the second time, preventing overuse and saving on soap

    ✅ Low-level Indicator – The low-level indicator alerts you when it’s time to refill

    Large Capacity – The 300ml capacity means less frequent refilling

    Suitable for Anywhere – Perfect for use in toilets, kitchens, schools, hospitals, and more

  • Spirit Fairy Light Tree Lamp


    Add a Touch of Magic and Enchantment – 108 LED lights and bendable branches enliven dull corners and make the room feel festive

    Waterproof & Versatile – Take it anywhere whether it is your backyard BBQ or your cozy living room

    Easy to Use – Features a user-friendly touch-based switch with an ergonomic touch button

    Show Your Personal Style – The bendable branches allow you to reshape the tree according to your wish

    Great Gift Choice – Surprise your loved ones with this exquisite gift and let them enjoy the magic and enchantment of this beautiful lamp

    Dimensions: 50cm x 12cm approx.

    Dual power mode: USB or AA batteries

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