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  • Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless


    ✅ This car cleaning solution is second to none, leaving your car sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

    ✅ Designed to effortlessly suck up large debris, making cleaning your car a breeze.

    ✅ Say goodbye to stubborn stains and dirt with the carpet and car seat cleaning capabilities.

    ✅ Easy to maneuver, it allows you to clean every nook and cranny of your car.

    ✅ With a battery capacity of 2000mAh, it is ready to go whenever you are.

    ✅ Enjoy up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning thanks to the long-lasting battery.

    ✅ It packs a powerful punch with 120W high power, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

    ✅ With a vacuum suction of 9000Pa, it picks up even the tiniest particles for a deep clean.

  • Shockproof Acupuncture Massage Pen


    ✅ Needleless body aches and pain treatment

    ✅ Tissue activation using acupuncture-type sensations

    ✅ Offers digital display

    ✅ 0-9 intensity levels

    ✅ 3 massage heads included

    ✅ Portable and easy to use

    ✅ Shockproof with zero side effects

    ✅ Works on 1 x AA battery (not included)

    ✅ Size: 18cm/7.1 inches approx.

  • Ultimate Relief Belt For Sciatica & Lower Back Pain


    ✅ Cure backache, hip pain & pelvic pain

    ✅ Adjustable straps to comfortably fit you

    ✅ No irritating feeling

    ✅ Perfect to wear during kitchen chores, sports, etc

    ✅ Suitable for waistline 27.5-43.4 in

  • Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner


    Deep Clean Your Car with Ease – With 600pa suction and 120W of power, it can reach even the tightest spaces.

    Take Your Cleaning on the Go – With dimensions of 16.5 x 14.5 x 4 cm, it is ultra-compact and lightweight, perfect for cleaning cars anywhere and anytime.

    Hassle-Free Cleaning – Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can clean your car without worrying about cords or power outlets.

    Eliminate Dirt and Debris Everywhere – Can also be used for cleaning furniture, keyboards, and any area where dust and debris accumulate.

    Clean Even the Toughest Spots – Ensures every nook and cranny in your car is pristine and tidy by cleaning dead and hard-to-reach corners.

  • Super Absorbent Non-Slip Mat


    ✅ Material: Nappa Leather + Rubber

    ✅ Keep your floor free of water stains

    ✅ Quickly dry your feet

    ✅ Soft upper surface

    ✅ Non-slip bottom side

    ✅ Easy to clean (Washable)

    ✅ Size: 40 x 60cm (approx.)

    ✅ Great for front door, bathroom, bedroom floor, etc

  • Wire Wheel For Weed Eater


    ✅ Material: Carbon steel

    ✅ Removes weeds speedily

    ✅ Gets attached to your existing grass trimmers

    ✅ Effective for de-rusting surfaces as well

    ✅ Diameter of the weed eater: 8 inches approx.

    ✅ Diameter of the hole: 1 inch approx.

    ✅ Easy-to-install accessories included

  • Automatic Chicken Door With Timer


    ✅ Material: Plastic

    ✅ Automatically closes at night and opens during the day

    ✅ No counter-weight needed; motor raises and lowers the door

    ✅ Easy installation; needs saw & screws

    ✅ IP44 waterproof

    ✅ Protects the poultry from predators

    ✅ High endurance: -10-140 degrees Fahrenheit

    ✅ Timer button is present as well

    ✅ Onboard battery indicator

    ✅ Works on 3 AA batteries (not included)

    ✅ Size: 35 x 24 cm approx.

  • 1080p Magnetic WiFi Mini Camera


    Keep Your Home Safe – With the 1080p Magnetic WiFi Mini Camera, you can easily monitor your home from anywhere and ensure its safety

    High-Resolution Recording – This camera records in 1080p, giving you clear and crisp footage

    Easy Installation – The strong magnetic suction of the camera’s base makes it convenient to attach anywhere

    Wide Coverage – This 1080p magnetic WiFi Mini camera covers a wide area both in distance and angle

    Remote Viewing – Connect the camera with your phone WiFi and watch live video recordings remotely

    Size: 24 x 44 mm approx.

  • Titanium Power Magnetic Bracelet


    ✅ Material: Metal

    ✅ Give yourself a professional look

    ✅ Gives you the energy to perform your task

    ✅ Exquisite design

    ✅ Perfect gift choice

  • Side Sleeper Pillow With Ear Hole


    ✅ Soft polyester filling

    ✅ Designed to reduce ear pressure

    ✅And straighten up your back

    ✅ Machine-washable cotton cover

    ✅ Very but not only suitable for side sleepers

    ✅Recommended for Arthritis & fibromyalgia patients

    ✅ Provides a soothing sleep

    ✅ Size: 21 x 15.75 x 4 inches approx.

  • All Steel Hollow Hoe For Gardening


    Gardening made painless – Comfort-enhancing grip handle with non-slip material for a secure hold and blister prevention

    Designed to last for years – Durable and high-quality steel built to withstand tough soil conditions

    Easy to carry – Lightweight design for extended use without hand and wrist strain

    Sharp edges for effortless gardening – Sharp edges for efficient cutting through soil and shrubs

    All-in-one gardening solution – A versatile tool for loosening soil, planting, weeding, and growing vegetables to meet all your gardening needs

  • Standing Weed Puller


    ✅ Material: Carbon Steel

    ✅ Bendfree weed puller

    ✅ Uses feet to extract weed

    ✅ Keep your hands clean

    ✅ 5 clawed design

    ✅ Extracts weed from its roots

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