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  • EMS Acupoints Stimulator Massage Foot Mat: Ultimate Relaxation & Pain Relief


    ✅ Enhances blood circulation – Relieving vein varicose & swelling

    ✅ Put an end to sore and aching feet – Take the time to love and care for them

    ✅ Reduces muscle tension – Allows tightened muscles to relax

    ✅ 9 different modes – Pick the intensity that’s right for you

    ✅ Massages the whole foot – Not just the sole

    ✅ Suitable for all feet – 325 x 295 mm size approx.

    ✅ USB charger included

  • Miracle Shoulder Brace For Pain Relief


    ✅ Shoulder support

    ✅ Suitable shoulder: 36-51 cm approx.

    ✅ Double pressure straps

    ✅ Unisex design

    ✅ Firm velcro closure

  • Rolling Cans Fridge Organizer


    ✅ Can storing fridge organizer

    ✅ Material: Plastic

    ✅ Auto-sliding 2-layer variant and a simple variant

    ✅ Keeps soda cans separate from other items

    ✅ Multi-useful for bathroom, kitchen, or work table

  • USB Mosquito Killer Trap


    ✅ Vortex airflow sucks in the mosquitos

    ✅ Effective for flies, mosquitos, wasps, etc.

    ✅ Removable design

    ✅ Easy to clean

    ✅ USB-operated

    ✅ Dimensions: 17.5 x 10 cm approx.

  • Easy Adjustable Standing Desk


    Work comfortably without sacrificing your posture – Whether you’re sitting at a desk, couch, or bed

    An ideal work-from-home setup – You can work standing up or sitting down

    Sturdy & stable design – No wobbling while working

    No overheating – Vent holes prevent overheating of your system

    Put it at the height you want -Each side has three foldable, steady legs

    Incredibly spacious – At approximately 48 x 26 cm, it can accommodate your laptop, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and other office supplies

    High Strength– Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy

    Total weight: 1.2kg

  • Ergonomic Hip Cushion Posture Corrector


    ✅ Sit Pain-Free – Relieves spinal disc pressure and distributes your weight evenly
    ✅ Doctor-Recommended – Designed for chronic and acute pain, such as back pain and arthritis, after surgery
    ✅ On-the-Go Pain Relief – Our cushion is portable, whether you’re working, driving, or relaxing at home
    ✅ All-Around Pain Solution – Not only for back pains but also for pregnancy and post-surgery pains.
    ✅ Get the Support You Need – Supports your hips and lower back, thereby maintaining a good posture and alleviating pain.

  • Small Portable Cooling Air Conditioner Fan For Home Room Office Car Desktop


    ✅Color-changing Mood Light

    ✅Multiple Timing Settings Available

    ✅Capable of Cooling by Fan or Water or Ice

    ✅Multiple Speed Settings Available

  • Lucky 18K Gold Silver Diamond Heart Necklace Pendant


    Introducing the Lucky Heart Necklace – a piece of jewelry that brings luck, good fortune, and protection to anyone who wears it. You can wear it in two different ways: as a lucky clover or as a romantic four hearts design. The pendant is magnetic and easily joins the hearts into a clover. This necklace…

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