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  • Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain


    ✅ Constructed with durable ABS & PE for long-lasting enjoyment.

    ✅ Harness the sun’s energy with this eco-friendly solar-powered sprayer head.

    ✅ Entice vibrant birds to grace your birdbaths with their presence.

    ✅ Transform any water body into a soothing, mesmerizing fountain display.

    ✅ Keep water fresh and clear by preventing mold and algae growth.

    ✅ Customize your fountain with 4 included spray head options.

    ✅ Impressive max pump flow of 180L/h ensures a lively water display.

    ✅ Achieve an awe-inspiring spray range of up to 70 cm for visual delight.

    ✅ Efficient 1W pump power for reliable and consistent performance.

  • Handheld Automatic Pruning Shears


    ✅ Effortlessly prune and trim plants with precision using this handy tool.

    ✅ Designed for branches up to 10mm in diameter, making it versatile and practical for most gardens.

    ✅This device is powered by a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous use for longer periods.

    ✅ Enjoy quick charging times of 2-4 hours, so you can get back to trimming in no time.

    ✅ With an approximate working hour of 1 hour, you’ll have ample time to tidy up your garden.

    ✅Achieve fast, efficient cutting with a no-load speed of 1.2 seconds per cut, saving your time and effort.

  • Undercarriage Washer Attachment For Pressure Washing


    ✅ This attachment is crafted with high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, ensuring long-lasting durability and sturdiness.

    ✅ Featuring a sturdy design with two black wheels, it offers exceptional stability and ease of movement.

    ✅ With its easy installation, uninstallation, and storage, it is the perfect choice for those who value convenience and efficiency.

    ✅ Equipped with a 1/4″ push-type connector, this attachment for pressure washing guarantees a secure and reliable connection every time.

  • Double Head Sheet Metal Nibbler with Drill Attachment


    ✅ This nibbler with drill attachment is built to last with high-quality, rust-resistant metal that ensures durability and longevity.

    ✅ Experience unparalleled cutting speed with an impressive range of 1500-3000 revolutions per minute.

    ✅ From thick metal sheets to delicate fabrics, it effortlessly cuts through a wide range of materials, making it a versatile tool for all your cutting needs.

    ✅ With a minimum cutting diameter of 12mm, it allows you to make precise and accurate cuts on even the smallest of materials, ensuring a professional finish every time.

  • Multi-Layered Automatic Bean Sprout Machine


    ✅ Made of food-grade PP material, this machine ensures that your sprouts are safe and free from harmful toxins.

    ✅ Sprouts any bean in just 24 hours with its advanced technology. Enjoy fresh and nutritious sprouts in no time!

    ✅ With 3 different modes for temperature adjustment, you can customize the sprouting process to suit your preferences and needs.

    ✅ Features a 360° sprinkler that ensures even sprouting, giving you a bountiful harvest every time.

    ✅ Comes with a three-layered compartment, providing ample space for your sprouts to grow and flourish.

  • Jet Water & Foam Blaster Gun


    ✅ 8 spray settings

    ✅ Sturdy and durable nozzle sprayer

    ✅ Reservoir for holding detergents

    ✅ Easily gets connected to your garden hose

    ✅ Perfect for watering plants or washing anything

  • Hanging Solar Swirl Wind Spinner


    ✅ Solar-powered swirl wind spinner

    ✅ No batteries required

    ✅ Color changing technology

    ✅ Helix design

    ✅ Automatically turns on at dusk

    ✅ Charging time: 7-8 hours in the sunlight

    ✅ Dimensions: 37cm x 14.5cm approx.

  • Professional Tree Grafting Tool Kit


    Made from premium SK5 Hardened Steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and peak performance

    Features double-edged grafting blades, meticulously designed for seamless, precise cuts

    Featured 1/8″ thick pruning blades, readily handling even the most stubborn branches

    Offers a versatile cutting range, accommodating 3/16″ – 17/32″ diameter plants with ease

    Perfectly suited for novice gardeners, empowering them to confidently graft and prune like experts!

  • Rechargeable Handheld Mini Battery Powered Chainsaw


    Easy to prune & garden – slices wood trees like butter!

    Powerful and efficient motor – Enough power to cut through hardwood

    Anti-slip handle – Get better control, access, and maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas

    Mobility – Cordless power tool makes it easy to move around

    Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery

    Easily portable and storage-friendly

  • Wire Wheel For Weed Eater


    ✅ Material: Carbon steel

    ✅ Removes weeds speedily

    ✅ Gets attached to your existing grass trimmers

    ✅ Effective for de-rusting surfaces as well

    ✅ Diameter of the weed eater: 8 inches approx.

    ✅ Diameter of the hole: 1 inch approx.

    ✅ Easy-to-install accessories included

  • Automatic Chicken Door With Timer


    ✅ Material: Plastic

    ✅ Automatically closes at night and opens during the day

    ✅ No counter-weight needed; motor raises and lowers the door

    ✅ Easy installation; needs saw & screws

    ✅ IP44 waterproof

    ✅ Protects the poultry from predators

    ✅ High endurance: -10-140 degrees Fahrenheit

    ✅ Timer button is present as well

    ✅ Onboard battery indicator

    ✅ Works on 3 AA batteries (not included)

    ✅ Size: 35 x 24 cm approx.

  • All Steel Hollow Hoe For Gardening


    Gardening made painless – Comfort-enhancing grip handle with non-slip material for a secure hold and blister prevention

    Designed to last for years – Durable and high-quality steel built to withstand tough soil conditions

    Easy to carry – Lightweight design for extended use without hand and wrist strain

    Sharp edges for effortless gardening – Sharp edges for efficient cutting through soil and shrubs

    All-in-one gardening solution – A versatile tool for loosening soil, planting, weeding, and growing vegetables to meet all your gardening needs

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